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Two months in a row with MAJOR adoption news! After the first 2 years of hearing nothing, this is very exciting!

Wisly (we will be changing his name to Wesley) was 2 1/2 when first met him. (On paper anyway… they don’t actually keep birth records in Haiti, so it’s a made up age and birth date). He is now 5. If we didn’t know God’s timing is perfect we would be mourning the loss of those critical years. But we have been privileged to see a reason in our wait, which is not often the case, and so we keep trusting in the One who is truly in control. (It’s not the Haitian government).

Our latest news is that our dossier (paperwork) has finally cleared IBESR (social services) and is ready to head to COURT! We also heard we may not have to appear in person before the judge (a huge money saver with the cost of travel these days!)

wisly school uiformWhen we knew we were getting close to this point three weeks ago, we started praying about the $2120 we would need to send to finish the paperwork process in Haiti. As of today, thanks to generous church family, we are praying for only $816. Small gifts of on-hand cash and larger checks all add up to make such a difference!

We are so close. We could be counting on one hand, the months left until our little guy is finally with us. We will have crossed the 3 year mark when that happens.

If you’d like be a part of this special little guy’s story, you can donate any amount on our fundraiser page via paypal. (Or buy our CD!) :) We still have travel costs, and follow up homestudy visits coming up as well. We are so blown away when we realize how far in this process we have come (over $20K in fees and travel). It has been a faith building and humbling experience, and we could not have done it without our family, and community, both local and virtual!

It has been a long time since we posted an update, and many people have been asking how the process is going, and how the boys are, with all of the turmoil going on right in their city. We also wanted to let you know about a sale on our CD’s just in time for Christmas!

Where to begin, with an update?!

I went to Haiti again in late October, and spent a long weekend with the boys.  You can read a little bit about that trip on my personal blog.

When I was there, cholera had not yet reached the city, although it did soon after.  And in the last few weeks, violence has broken out

in Port-au-Prince, the airport was shut down, and the children stayed home from school to stay safe.

Our hearts ache for the people of Haiti, and yearn even more, to bring these boys home!

The process is a long one, with few updates.  The lawyers and the pastor/founder of the orphanage

are very pleased with what they call the “speed” at which things are moving-

because normally it takes 2-3 years to complete an adoption from Haiti.  If we don’t bring the boys

home until NEXT Christmas, the process will still have been cut in HALF.

This is SOME comfort, I suppose… but not much, when you hear the daily news reports coming from Haiti.

In the financial realm, when we look back at how far we have come, with so little, we are AMAZED!

To date, we have already been able to pay over $20,000 in expenses!!

We started the process with a small loan, and faith that if God was calling us to this, HE would provide.

We have only $7000 left to raise!

(To put this in perspective, it usually costs more than $30,000 to adopt ONE CHILD internationally!)

Please consider ordering a CD as a gift for someone you love this Christmas, or passing

the postcard link on to music lovers that you know!

Thanks for partnering with us on the journey!!

~Rich and Spring

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